Prep - Year 6

St Peters Primary School at Springfield offers a supportive and nurturing environment for all our students.

Our goal is to help our young people reach their individual potential and to develop the competencies they will need for further schooling, study, work and lifelong learning. This ensures they will be equipped to participate fully in and contribute to our local and global society.

The safety and wellbeing of each student is of utmost importance to us at St Peters. We aim to develop good citizens who are respectful, responsible and caring through our Pastoral Care program.

We foster high expectations of academic and personal growth for learners. Throughout the day, our programs are designed to develop students’ confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along skills. Our Social-Emotional Learning Program, You Can Do It, helps to build a positive mind-set as well as encouraging students to set goals and targets for their learning.

Recognising the importance of community is a high priority in our Primary School. Our Year 6 Leadership program promotes service to others, accepting responsibility and being a good role model. This is continued in our Buddy program which includes our Kindergarten, Prep and Year 1 students connecting with our Years 4–6 students.

To cater for the different stages of development, our Primary school has two sub-schools – Lower Primary and Upper Primary. In Lower Primary, our Prep to Year 3 students are exposed to rich, stimulating, learning environments that promote literacy and numeracy skills with an added focus on social emotional learning. Early intervention is a high priority in our Lower Primary classes.

Our Upper Primary year levels take part in an iPad program which gives students the opportunity for immediate feedback and higher participation. iPads are a tool that can be used to achieve learning intentions in ways not previously possible. In this sub-school, students are also encouraged to develop independent learning skills.

Foundations for Learning

Encouraging curiosity, developing independent learning skills and establishing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy are at the core of teaching and learning in our Primary School.

Students engage with the Australian Curriculum in all subjects through enquiry-based learning. While most subjects are taught by the classroom teacher, students receive specialist teaching in French, Music and HPE.

Digital Technology is integrated into many classroom activities providing children with opportunities to be producers, not just users, of technology.

The Lutheran Ethos

St Peters is a Christian School. This informs all activities at St Peters through teaching and learning.

The Core Values of Lutheran Education Australia of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation are fostered through a range of spiritual activities. All students engage in Chapel services, on a weekly basis; and in their Pastoral Care class, each day. Christian Studies provides a broad overview of aspects of the Christian Faith and the role of religion in society, including the study of world religions.

Students and their families are invited to participate in the monthly Community Celebration and weekly Sunday worship services held at St Peters by Arise Lutheran Church.

Pastoral Care

St Peters provides pastoral care to all students through pastoral care classes, Chaplaincy and Counselling services and through the care and concern of all staff.

Healthy relationships are key to the wellbeing of our whole community which are fostered through our Restorative Practices approach. Restorative Practices mean students and staff take responsibility for their actions. The goal is restoring relationships by identifying the harm that has occurred, taking the necessary steps to address this and being held accountable so true reconciliation can occur.

Service Learning

Our Christian ethos is given practical expression by our Service Learning program. Students learn they have a divine purpose to serve their neighbour in acts of kindness in mutually-beneficial relationships.

St Peters partners with a range of organisations to enable students to serve others, whether they be within our school community, across the road, or across the world.

Holistic Education

Students have access to a variety of co-curricular activities in sport, music, and cultural endeavours.

In additional to district, regional and state school sport pathways, our Secondary boys have access to sport through the Associated Independent Colleges (AIC) and Secondary girls through the Queensland Girls Secondary School Sports Association (QGSSSA) for athletics, cross-country and swimming and a large range of team sports under the St Peters banner. A dedicated bus service is provided from St Peters Indooroopilly to St Peters Springfield in the morning and from Springfield to Indooroopilly in the afternoon for those attending training. Students can thus enjoy both the benefits of an education at Springfield and access to the highest level of school sport.

All students in Years 2–6 are involved in the Lower or Upper Primary Choirs with opportunities for all students to join bands, vocal groups or worship band as a co-curricular option. These performance groups have occasions throughout the year to perform for our St Peters community and the broader community.

Debating has a strong presence in Upper Primary through to the Senior School with teams competing both in the Queensland Debating Union competitions and virtual debating. With Legal Studies as a study option in Years 11 and 12, Mooting is well established as co-curricular option and students compete in a variety of public speaking competitions.

Students also have opportunity to engage in state, national and international tours and trips for sport, cultural exchange and awareness and service learning.

The College is pleased to also offer the Duke of Edinburgh Program from Year 9.

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