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St Peters Lutheran College has developed a draft masterplan that sets out our vision to upgrade our learning and sports facilities and boarding houses over the next ten years. 

Why does St Peters need a masterplan?

The masterplan will help us make the best use of our campus so we can continue to offer a broad range of quality academic and co-curricular programs, with student numbers remaining at or around the current level of enrolments. The draft masterplan also gives us a basis to consult the local community about our plans and manage how our activities impact our neighbours.

How is the College consulting the community?

A draft Environmental Assessment Report was available for public comment from 29 March to 1 May 2019, and the State Government received 37 submissions. The Head of College met with a number of local residents during the consultation period. We are continuing to meet with local residents and community engagement activities will take place throughout the approval process and during the construction projects over the life of the plan. 

What revisions are being made to the draft masterplan?

The public submissions identified a number of matters which the College is currently reviewing:

  • the boarding house;
  • the Harts Road drop off / pick up area;
  • the sports hall and sports oval upgrades; and
  • car and bus arrangements (including College Drive).

The College acknowledges the need to address these matters and is working on design revisions to discuss with local residents, including: 

  • Proposed sports building: The building is proposed to be approximately thirty metres from the boundary. The College is looking at options to address noise, privacy and visual amenity concerns. 
  • Proposed boarding house: The College is considering modifications to reduce the height and bulk of the buildings, and address privacy and noise concerns for neighbours.

Traffic generation: as the student population on campus will remain around the current level, it is expected that the volume of local traffic from the College will also remain largely unchanged. The College is considering options that will improve car access and safety for students. The College will remove the proposed Harts Road drop-off from the masterplan and liaise with Brisbane City Council in relation to other safety improvements in Harts Road. 

What happens next?

Finalising the masterplan with the input of local residents will be an iterative process. The Head of College, along with our urban planners and architects, will meet with residents to discuss proposed design changes and continue to refine the plans. 

After this process, the College will provide the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning with a summary of the submissions and detailed responses to the issues identified by residents, for the consideration of the Minister. 

For further information on the masterplan, email the College at