years 7-9

The transition from Upper Primary into High School is an exciting time in the life of a young person. 

Junior High is designed specifically for the care, support, supervision, and guidance of young adolescents in Years 7–9.

We believe it is imperative to foster their developing intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills with a philosophy and pedagogy that is appropriate for their particular stage in life.

We encourage all students to challenge themselves and participate in life-changing experiences such as the Year 7 camp, Year 8 production and Year 9 Outdoor education.

Curriculum Overview

St Peters understands the importance of the Junior High curriculum. This is a time when students form their opinions; develop organisational skills; gain independence; develop responsibility for their own learning journey; widen their view of the world; and start to make decisions that will shape their future. We embrace this development in each student and provide a diverse range of learning experiences and opportunities that appeal to a young and maturing mind.

The teachers at St Peters prioritise generating a positive relationship with their students. Each young person is viewed as an individual and each learning experience is differentiated to ensure all learners have every opportunity to experience success.

Students follow a core curriculum that places emphasis on continuing the study of the Australian Curriculum Key Learning Areas (KLAs). At Year 7 students choose the language they would like to study through to the end of Year 8. Also, throughout the first two years of Junior High, students will complete a six-month course in each of the four Arts subjects – Music, Media, Visual Art, and Drama.

Year 9 students may start to specialise in particular subject areas through choosing two elective subjects for each semester. During this year they will continue to study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Science, Christian Studies and Physical Education.

Curriculum at St Peters is diverse, flexible, well resourced, and engaging. In addition, the curriculum and the pastoral care programs are closely aligned. Below is the list of the subject offerings Junior High.


  • Christian Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Studies of Society and Environment – History, Geography
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages – Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Japanese
  • The Arts – Art, Design, Drama, Media, Music
  • Technology – Design and Technology, Digital Technology, Food Technology, Graphics, Information Technology and Textile Technology
  • Exceptional Learners Programs – Academic Skills Development Program, Gifted and Talented, English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Positive Education and Wellbeing

As a College, we aim to foster the personal development of students in a nurturing, vibrant and inclusive environment; a place where relationships based on Christian values, community and family are encouraged and practised; so students may grow to be caring, honest, respectful citizens. We want our students to be prepared for life’s challenges, eager to embrace opportunities and be activists for a peaceful world.

In Junior High, the Pastoral Care curriculum promotes student engagement in a ‘positive education and wellbeing’ program. Students become aware of their individual character strengths, how best to utilise these in their relationships and interactions with others, how to develop their individual skills and how to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

Our Programs

The value of Outdoor Education programs has long been recognised by Lutheran Education. During their time in Junior High, students participate in three compulsory camping programs:

  • Year 7 ‘Fun and Friendship’ (3 days)
  • Year 8 ‘GREAT lies within’ (5 days), and
  • Year 9 Ironbark (5 weeks).


Music is an integral part of students’ lives at St Peters Lutheran College, Brisbane, Queensland.


St Peters Lutheran College offers a comprehensive co-curricular Sports program with its enviable facilities and expert coaches.

Trish AllenHead of Junior High, St Peters Indooroopilly
Our role is to provide strong guidance, clear boundaries and support our students so they can develop confidence in themselves; set goals for the future; and know there are people around them, who want them to achieve and succeed."

Kaleidoscope - Year 8

Kaleidoscope is the annual Year 8 production. Students have the opportunity to develop their musical and dramatic skills under the guidance  of arts professionals and be part of a stage work created especially for them.

The Ironbark Experience - Year 9

Students in Year 9 undertake a compulsory, five-week, outdoor-education experience at the College's Ironbark Centre, located near Crows Nest. Recently, St Peters Student Counsellors, Dr Matt O'Connor and Dr Ellie Keane, completed a research project examining the positive and important impact that Ironbark has on students. To read the Ironbark Research Report, click here.

More about Ironbark
Matthew SullivanDirector of Ironbark
At Ironbark we focus on personal growth and development. It’s a real joy to be part of giving these students new experiences, new opportunities and helping them to learn more about themselves in the process within a Christian context.”